Some old people today struggle with the use of modern technologies such as smart phones and computers. What is the cause of this and what are some possible solutions?

In the Past-faced life, technological advancement is developing rapidly and becomes an essential need of humans.
, few aged persons, including our elderly, face problems using technological gadgets like laptops and smartphones, appearing as an obstacle these days, eventually. The upcoming article will discuss the reasons and the appropriate solutions that need to apply with the help of relevant illustrations.
, the primary cause behind
impediment of hardship in using technological assets that comes under consideration is probably the generation gap.
In other words
, the old-aged public is habitual of using older gadgets that were prevalent in their times
as landlines and other items and the advanced level assets need many knowledgeable skills to use them so, it is pretty difficult for them to change their monotony suddenly and make themselves comfortable in using that stuff.
For example
, a smartphone of various brands is trending these days that indulge so many functionalities including application software, which seems extremely hard for an old age person to use as he is not aware of them indeed.
, new technological material is updated enough to handle for an old-age public.
, there are possible solutions to resolve these issues, including advancement awareness and change in the environment. Specifically, children need to guide their parent about using upcoming technology-based items.
, the authorized personnel should help their employers attain these items by introducing new computers into the official premises.
For instance
, in the banking sector, all paper works need to be done with the help of virtual data storage devices used in laptops and personal computers;
as a result
, employers can enhance their knowledge according to the new advancement with determination.
, after discussing the causes and looking forth of possible solutions, everyone has the right to learn about anything regardless of age;
, a family member and as well as colleagues in a business corporate ought to take responsibility to help an elderly and business persons in getting knowledgeable matter about uprising technological gadgets, which they use daily.
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