Nowadays, young people communicate with friends and family mostly through social networking sites, rather than other ways of communication like talking on the phone or face to face. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

In today’s era the teenager’s interface with
and family more through social networking like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp’s, rather than other ways of communication
as by talking on the phone or face to face.
in turn might have a positive and negative effect on an individual life.
To begin
, I would like to talk about the positive effect of using social networking sites makes a person more peer-based. Young
are more motivated to learn from their peers online. The internet and receive feedback from one another helps in getting more knowledge and information regarding any topic in current. Students can have more understanding about the current affairs in their country by interacting with each other.
, by talking online using various apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
can make many new
and acquaintances.
created a friendly environment with each other.
, social media has made life easier to connect with
with long and relatives, as well as new
, because of the hectic pace of the modern age, it's harder to see
or reach with the phone. Social media is a good alternative way to always be connected to your nearest one or one beloved.
, a research study reveals that social networks make
more relationship-oriented, considerate and emphatic.
can remember each other birthday and greet them. Even if your friend or family is far you can see their pictures, videos and status posted by them and comment.
creates a long-term friendship with your
by being in touch online even if you cannot physically meet them. In order to conclude, parents play an important role. They can educate their children about taking advantage of social networking sites which enhance their learning and knowledge. They can take part in online activities; exams being held online to gain depth knowledge regarding any subject. They can learn more by searching for anything on U-tube. The school projects can be made in an easy and simpler manner.
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