Some people believe that it is important to spend money on family celebrations such as weddings and birthdays, while others think this is a waste of money. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A highly controversial issue today relates to whether to have events to celebrate relatives birthdays and weddings or not. In
essay, I am going to examine
question from both points of view and
explain why I believe the arguments to celebrate are stronger. There are people who argue that the benefits of celebrations outweigh their disadvantages. The main reason for believing
is that it is a special moment in a person’s life where
party probably will be remembered for their whole life. It is
possible to say that it is a great opportunity to gather many friends and the whole family in the same place to enjoy that unique moment.
For instance
the high value for making an event be possible, for many people seeing all those beloved ones together is more important than any quantity of
On the other hand
, others believe that
is just a way to burn
. It is often argued that it costs a lot and do not compensate for the work. People often have
opinion because the huge amount of
that is
asked to make a party definitively is above the price they believed is reasonable. A
point is that
value could be spent in many different ways,
as trips and clothes.
For example
here is that you could pay the same price or less to travel abroad and use
period in another country to learning a new language or culture. In conclusion, I believe both arguments have their merits. On balance,
, I feel that spend
to celebrate birthdays and mainly weddings are justified.
is because in some cases
will be a fraction of time that will never be forgotten for some individuals.
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