Some people think that everyone has the right to access university education government should make it free for all students no matter what financial background they have. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

According to many people, political rights must provide the theme of good literacy, putting aside the past of every learner. Unquestionably, being illiterate is an affliction nowadays, as it has become imperative for every human being to get an excellent prerequisite to relish radiant futurity and flawless victory. In entire agreement with
view of the public, the following article discusses the values of education.
, the main benefit of the regime providing financial assistance to those who want to get schooling, which will be to improve the provincial economy.
In other words
, sometimes the young population, despite having good skills in any field, have to sacrifice their efforts to fulfil any of their aspirations due to the poor financial condition of their homes.
, with financial help from the government exchequers, a young nation can fulfil their desire to get good schooling
improve their interpersonal skills.
For instance
, a survey conducted in India in 2019 showed that over 70 per cent of people have become successful by getting guidance from government free service provider NGO
, improved the literacy rate in India;
, emerging as the most developing country in the world.
, sentiment towards humanity is one of the other significant benefits in efforts to make education accessible by authorities. Put differently, when a learner rejects the intention to pursue discipline due to a weak economy, they are encouraged to help other poor youth by getting learning through political aid.
As a result
of which sub-youth can support each other, the country will prosper.
For example
,in a survey in the year 2019 in India, the authorities give scholarships to only under poverty line students, that helped other underprivileged ones.
, the bucolic faced a bizarre advancement impact.
, I fully agree with the statement of the people about the steps being taken by the government to educate the students who have aspiration and competency to achieve something great, which is inevitable for the development of the country.
, it is very effective for a young nation to be well educated.
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