Some people think that sports involving violence, such as boxing, martial arts, should be banned from TV and international sporting competitions. To what extent do you agree?

Games are an essential part of our lives, as well as helping to improve the health of the body. Some sections of society think that sports that promote violence like wrestling, fighting and combative arts should be banned;
, I express my disagreement with
thinking by forming my own opinion while discussing the same consideration of the people in the following article.
, I support so many violent games because of the challenging moments that come up.
In other words
, games like these make us aware of our limitations in doing something and give us a chance to test our mental and physical strength. Today's young generation get positive influence from athletics and tend to participate in them.
For example
, World Wrestling Entertainment is an American wrestling federation that has made a name for itself in wrestling, with wrestlers from all over the world using their strength to become champions and raise the profile of their country. Many youngsters get affected and devote their lives to the gymnasium to make themselves wrestlers
, enter the arena of
federation and earn a lot of wealth and fame with their performances.
, the
advantage of
fighting game is that women get much training for their defence. With a thorough knowledge of the techniques found in so many competitions, especially boxing, women and young literate girls can protect themselves from a tragic event, including Eve teasing and molestation.
, by learning competitions like
, a woman living in every part of the world can protect and keep herself safe.
, I fully agree with the promotion of
type of sport, keeping in mind the benefits of the above article in its entirety, because incorporating these contests into our lives gives us the courage and something to do;
, there should not be any restriction on playing these daring sports.
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