International travel has many advantages to both travelers and the country visited. Do you think advantages outweigh disadvantages?

International travelling has numerous benefits not only to the visiting tourists but
for the destination as well.
, it should be considered that
still has certain drawbacks. In
essay, I will
discuss the pros of international travel,
detail the negative impacts before stating my opinion. It is a known fact that international visitors increase tourism in any region. A good example of
is Korean residents travelling to other parts of Asia – Japan, specifically. If they travel to
country, they will get to see scenic places, learn about the culture and try out the different delicacies of the Japanese.
, the employability rate for the locals will increase due to the demand for service sectors like hotels, restaurants, and tourist destinations.
, it can be clearly concluded that both parties will benefit from it.
, there is a downside that the expenditures would not be met since touring overseas is considered a privilege. There are more priorities, especially for developing countries, that should be taken into consideration rather than travelling.
For instance
, some Filipinos will more likely spend their money in purchasing luxurious food locally for the whole family than bringing them to other places.
In addition
, some believe that, for a more inexpensive experience, it is better to discover the hidden gems domestically. In conclusion, travelling outside your country is beneficial.
, it still has downsides because of unsustainable finances. I personally believe that there are more benefits that overcome the small disadvantages, since, after all, people should not be constrained in their own homes but rather discover other beliefs and cultures worldwide.

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