Doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly. However, many older people do not exercise enough. What could be the reason for this? What can be done to encourage them to physical activities?

Doing physical exercise ought to be a part of people’s daily routine. Doctors suggest doing physical activities in older ages, while many aged populations do not consider doing enough exercise. The reason is due to a lack of awareness among them.
can be avoided by creating awareness for them. The foremost reason for not obeying doctor’s advice is lack of awareness among older people. They do not get proper encouragement from their family members, and
young adults in the house do not involve them while doing physical activities.
In addition
, most of the time before retirement is being spent work in any organization.
, no time is allocated to take care of their health.
For example
, in India, no proper system is available to promote health benefits for people to maintain fitness.
As a result
, many end up with serious medical problems. Promoting regular exercises can be done by creating understanding among the aged population. The adults in the family ought to involve their aged members to actively participate in the event that promotes various well-being benefits.
, they can be even taken to some parks and beaches to start with simple exercises as an initiative.
, the government should publish more advertisements in public places where a larger crowd is being gathered.
For instance
, by making a law stating that the company consists of more than 500 workers should have a place for every day’s physical activities. By doing
, the same habit can be followed even when they get old.
, physical fitness improves, and it leads to less hospitalization. In conclusion, well-being is more important than anything else in the world. So, it is individuals and society’s responsibility to create consciousness and help older people to stay fit and healthy.
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