The best way to protect the environment is to use local resource, such as food or building materials rather than transporting resources from other places. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Undoubtedly, good and healthy surroundings make life conducive to living. It is a common topic of discussion that
of soliciting resources from other areas for the health of the habitat, indigenous assets used in the home and food preparation should be used;
, each type of resource has its own significance, and
article outlines my thinking by discussing the different kinds of resources before I come to the point of agreeing or disagreeing with their use.
, the main reason for importing different types of resources from abroad is the conducive environment for producing goods.
In other words
, foreign countries produce some of the equipment that our domestic environment is not conducive to;
as a result
, so many types of equipment are imported.
For example
, India imported some of the most precious metals and stones from the United States in 2019, which are produced only in the United States worldwide because the Americans have so much money available that it is impossible to make so many investments in India. Neither can be established in the agrarian considering low economy as a foremost reason or population growth. Only a few rich Indians can use
innumerable valuables.
, some foreign material is imported from abroad.
, ordering some goods from abroad can be attributed to the lack of conservation of the nation. Put differently, the government of a country needs to invest a lot of money to import any property from abroad, which has a very adverse effect on the economy of the province. The regime can support the same amount in the modern and fundamental development of the environment.
For instance
, according to a survey conducted in India in 2020, the government had to spend Rs 200 million to import material from abroad, and our economic situation deteriorated drastically.
, the loss of imports for the usage of any equipment from outside the country is sufficient to weaken the economic condition of the nation.
, from the aforementioned statement, I believe and agree up to some extent despite the many reasons for the use of foreign goods, the country is facing the adverse effects of
, native time should be used as much as possible to keep the atmosphere balanced.
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