The world's most common problem is caused by overpopulation. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is argued by some countries in the world facing
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one of the most serious problems, which is the massive increase in
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the world’s

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population. While
issue is widely considered as one of the most serious problems, in my opinion, the greatest threat to humanity in the 21st century is corruption. To commence with, there are a variety of reasons why the dramatic growth of population in the world brings a harmful effect on the quality of human’s life and the global budget as well.
, the over-population phenomenon has resulted in the lack of accommodation for a plethora of people, especially with those living in crowded and metropolitan areas.
reasoning that the small number of available housing is not able to meet the demand for the need of the living facility.
As a result
, if inhabitants do not have any shelter, they mostly will build an illegal house which is risky for them.
, the unemployment rate would be likely to higher owing to the fact that of joblessness that profoundly affected not only the
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economy which makes it goes down but
social issues, particular is the rising of violent criminals in the community.
, corruption,
of overpopulation, is the biggest global challenge nowadays. The term “corruption” has always been considered under conspiracies. Fraud in India is an issue that adversely affects the economy of central, state, and local government agencies. There are abundant reasons for the cause of dishonesty in India. The primary reason being the lack of effective management in an organization. Due to mismanagement, there is a weak control on various departments and their working. To exemplify, there is a high risk of deception in India while dealing with India’s judiciary, particularly in lower court levels put the common man in great stress. To conclude, despite the fact that overpopulation is the reason for the deterioration of living standards and crime escalation, what should be addressed
and foremost is corruption.
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