The world's most common problem is caused by overpopulation. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

past-faced life, there is a figure of challenges that the crowd face while doing something useful in life. It is believed that over-the populace is the biggest obstacle in front of the whole universe;
, population overgrowth is not only the single impediment faced by humanity, and the upcoming article will discuss the mentioned and unmentioned problems with relevant examples.
, the main disadvantage of densely populated worlds can be considered as unemployment.
In other words
, the figure of inhabitants residing in the different countries has increased drastically whereas, job opportunities are not available at that scale
as a result
, unemployment is escalating extravagantly.
For example
, India is the
-largest country in the world by the statistic of people residing here but the path of job opportunities is getting narrow these days
, leading to unemployment which
increases the crime rate among the whole country.
, over-population put a very adverse effect on the career growth of the local public and the regime should enact laws to control over-populace.
, apart from over-population, one more impediment is increasing at an alarming rate named corruption. Put differently, there has been a significant hype in the number of corrupted persons, especially government employers working for national organisations, who do not give any effective solution to the problem of local society without getting bribes.
For instance
, a survey conducted in my country in 2020 proved that 62 per cent of the government sectors were highly corrupted in the which police and employment department were on the top
, locals can not get any sophisticated solution for the challenge they are facing.
, fraud is
affecting the whole national negatively and should be banned.
, from the aforementioned statements, I think that
over increase in the population is creating a big challenge in front of the whole world to grow better, nepotism is
contributing to resisting the success of nations.
, overpopulation and fraud should be curbed soon to make the world rise better.
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