Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foriegn language at primary school rather than secondary school.Do the advantagers of this overweign the disadvantagers?

In the context of the growing prevalence of
education in a lot of nations, some experts suggest that the starting point to learn a foreign
should be at primary
rather than secondary
might inflict greater learning and teaching pressure, the positive repercussion in children’s future development is certainly worth the effort. It is true that, in comparison with elder students, young pupils are regarded as having not fully developed their learning skills, and
can have difficulty learning a foreign
as English or Spanish.
, it is worthwhile bearing in mind that starting early with a
can actually save a lot of time and effort in the future.
For example
, in the US, it is conventional for primary
pupils to take Spanish courses, so that when they grow into teenagers, they have more time spared to work on other subjects and explore various fields. The potential of improving academic performance is certainly valuable. It is
possible that trying to master two languages at the same time can be confusing and
hinder the learning of the mother tongue. But if we consider the accelerating trend of globalisation, the need becomes urgent to equip our offspring with foreign
abilities so that they can better understand the global culture. In a lot of Asian countries, English, the common
in the scientific and the commercial field, is a compulsory course expected to be mastered by every young kid.
formation certainly contributes to the admirable adaptability of the region to the international society and the development outcome that they reap from the participation in globalisation. In summary, preparing children with a
at a stage as early as primary
can indeed implicate greater learning pressure, but in the long run, the improvement in academic performance and the attainment of a global vision outweigh the short-term drawbacks.
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