The movement of people from agricultural areas to cities to work can cause serious problems in both places. What are the serious problems? What measures can be used to solve these problems?

The migration of people from rural to urban areas can cause serious issues in both places.
essay will discuss the problems which will occur in these places and the possible solutions to overcome these problems. Primarily, the two serious drawbacks which will occur are: overpopulation in urban regions and less production of agricultural items in rural areas. When humans move from agricultural land to cities,
will lead to more folks residing there, which will directly make that place densely populated over time.
For instance
, to pursue certain vocations for high wages more folks will migrate to that place, which will cause overcrowding in the city, while there will be fewer peasants left working in the farmland resulting in a dearth in the production of vegetables and other farm products. Addressing solutions
, we some possible measures that can solve these problems, which are: some feasible opportunities for farmers to earn more money should be provided by the government, and more jobs should be made available so that everyone can work according to their interests. Authorities should create an economic environment, which will give adequate chances to earn more money,
as engaging those persons in rural development programs.
, by providing them with more numbers of part-time jobs there will be a direct boost in their incomes.
For example
, the MNREGA scheme in rural India guarantees farm labourers jobs and a steady income during off-season in farming, which has reduced the migration from rural to urban regions. To summarize, the migration of folks from rural to urban areas can have major side effects on both places.
, we can reduce that movement by giving them ample amount of opportunities through which they can earn more while continuing to pursue agriculture.
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