Development in technology has brought various environmental problems. Some believe that people need to live simpler lives to solve environmental problems. Others, however, believe technology is the way to solve these problems. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The advancement in science has an enormous impact on our surroundings.
some believe that we should protect our environment by having a normal lifestyle without much technical interference, other groups contradict
essay will discuss in the forthcoming paragraphs that how technology make our
perfect. On the one hand, numerous people support the idea that simple living might protect our mother earth. If we adhere to the path of simplicity,our expectations will be reduced.
For example
, when I was very young, land-line phones were widely in use for communication, but the introduction of mobile devices bought a revolution in
became easy, numerous birds lost their
due to the harmful radiation that affected the ecological balance. To illustrate more, the invention of an aeroplane made travelling a seamless process, but it is one of the reasons for the depletion of the ozone layer.
, the desire to lead a better
is destroying our planet.
On the other hand
, we can solve several problems with the help of technological innovations.
is mainly because it makes mankind more rational and practical.
For instance
, the agricultural sector got an enormous benefit out of it. Nowadays, the farmers are aware beforehand of climatic changes as well as they can protect their crops from various harmful insects by using appropriate medicines.
, they can preserve their commodities
for a very long time by using a number of scientific methodologies.
, the generation of solar energy, tidal energy, the wind energy is
saving fuel;
, saving our mother earth from harmful emissions. Henceforth, the development of technology is crucial for the survival of civilization. To conclude, in my opinion, technological progression is mandatory to resolve vital problems. We have to use it in a proper way so that it solves our purpose as well as protect our habitat.
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