Some people think that animals and animal products should be used for food, medicine and clothing. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinions based on your knowledge and experiences.

According to descriptives of our ancient history, it is evident that humans have used
as various sources of life. Albeit,
has been a common practice, some people consider it animal abuse. I agree with the latter part of the statement. In
essay, I will
discuss my views on
argument and will provide an example supporting each of them. I personally do not encourage killing
for human use. During the ancient period, humans did not have too many options to survive;
, they relied on other living species.
, due to recent developments, we people have many alternatives.
For instance
, plant-based meat, vegan clothing, vegan cosmetics and medicines are attracting tremendous numbers of audiences.
, animal products
as milk can be replaced with almond or soy. There are many substitutions and effective use of
practice can change life on earth.
On the other hand
, It is
important to stop practices that involve injuring speechless earthborn's. There are many
incidents reported in recent time's. Animal skin is used to design fancy textures.
For example
; crocodile skin is used to make leather, animal fat is used to produce wax and even the corpse of many
are used as decoratives. I believe
is an unnecessary thing to do. We need to understand that, our lives will not experience much of a difference if we do not have a leather bag or a decorative item;
, without using them we can rather save a life. To conclude, I strongly disagree with the statement that
products should be used for food and clothing. In my experience and from my acquired knowledge, the evolution of mankind has gone through many stages, at present we do have many alternative options to choose from and wise decisions should be taken.
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