In many countries, as people are earning more these days, they are also spending money in buying more and more items. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

In many places, nowadays the growing income of people make them spend more
on purchasing different items. I believe
phenomenon has positives as it offers financial stability to small vendors and helps in building economic growth for the nations. Increased expenditures by people help small businesses to have stable growth. Unlike in the past, people these days spend
on several commodities without which they still can manage easily. By doing
, local retailers selling non-essential products can earn a profitable income and can achieve a secured life with respect to finances.
For example
, with heavy demands for beauty products in Asia, there has been a sudden increase in the shops dealing with these products in those places.
a trend provides an opportunity to grow businesses and earn a significant income.
, paying out more
ensures funds to constantly float in the market, leading to a strong economical formation for countries. Increasing purchases will mean that buyers pay taxes on each product they purchase, providing their governments with enough
for better infrastructures and services in their country.
, funds generated from these purchases can be well used in the safety of countries
as purchasing effective weapons for soldiers or creating missiles for wars.
For instance
, in the US 45 per cent of the revenue generated in the form of taxes is used in developing methods that can provide the nation with highly damaging machines. In conclusion, excessive spending in purchasing things can mostly be seen as beneficial because it supports less established firms in maintaining financial growth and
helps in raising the development of the country.
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