Many of the products we buy nowadays break or wear out very quickly. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this for manufacturers and the public?

Mass consumerism is a rising concern across the globe in
contemporary world. The majority of products never long lost in
modern era are because of their poor manufacturing quality standards. There are some benefits and drawbacks to
phenomenon for both suppliers and buyers, which will be detailed out with supporting examples in the forthcoming paragraphs. The advantages are higher for sellers when compared to the public. The primary one for manufacturers is obviously the increased profitability because of the increased sales of the product in a lesser time span. Toy manufacturers,
for instance
, are the biggest beneficiaries of
trends as children are more attracted towards these goods as and when the old toy gets damaged.
On the other hand
, the benefits of
to the public is nothing but moral encouragement that an individual gets when a new product is bought. It's a proven fact as per the Cambridge University psychology department,
for example
, a boxer who buys a new set of gloves will get excited and motivated to win the game with a new spirit. The disadvantages of
trend are irrefutable to both the public and as well to the manufactures in a way. It's a direct financial burden on people because of the shorter lifespan of goods. A great example to prove
nature are mobile phones, whose lifespan is proven to be not more than 18 months on average,
, pushing people to buy new devices at a huge cost. Having said that, it
has negative impacts on manufacturers in the form of reputation damage to their brand. Blackberry,
for instance
, lost its presence across the world because of its durability and lesser reselling value.
, it's proven by many products in the market that the reliability of the product is an utmost important characteristic to sustain in society. In conclusion, nowadays, goods bought by people are getting damaged and broken in a very less time frame. While
a trend has some benefits to sellers and buyers in the form of instant gratification, the disadvantages of
approach are humongous to both the public and producers in the form of financial burden and loss of credibility in the market respectively.
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