The only way to improve the safety of our roads is to give much stricter punishments on driving offenses. What extent do you agree or disagree?

Road safety has become a pipe dream for most individuals living on Earth. Every day a significant number of people become victims of accidents
making it a global concern.
a plethora of steps
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been taken to alleviate these mishaps, the number of casualties has not declined yet. Some people hold the view that punishing drivers is the only way to ameliorate road safety, while I believe that it is necessarily not the only solution.
essay tends to explain the reasoning behind my viewpoint.
To begin
with, drivers are not the only persons to be blamed for these casualties, highway conditions are
responsible. Nowadays, streets are constructed with substandard materials,
, potholes are formed during the rainy season.
, ongoing maintenance of streets leaves behind dug-up roadways without any proper barricades. The unavailability of street lights
exacerbates the problem.
For instance
, recently an Indian girl died when her scooter slipped into a hole because of the darkness around.
, inferior vehicle conditions contribute to accidents.
For example
, in Bangladesh, most public buses are 10 to 20 years old. Despite the severe technical issues, they are still running on the highways.
, there are no organised traffic regulations and highway patrol in most cities
no security. Due to dysfunctional traffic lights, the crossing of pedestrians and cars coincide resulting in misfortunes. Considering all these, the government should be held blameworthy as it is the authority's responsibility to provide safer public transportation and systematic traffic rules. To conclude, mishaps are caused not only by reckless driving but by several other factors. Improved roadways, vehicles and laws are indispensable to enhance the safety of our roads.
, I disagree with the given statement.
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