What do you think causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

It is a hard but true fact that we are living the life of a pressure cooker and stress-related diseases are as common as flu in everyone's life. From our childhood till death, we find ourselves surrounded by different kinds of pressure.
, we will discuss the root cause of it and
, we will try to suggest some solutions.
To begin
with, in India, everyone is running a race to come
, whereas, no one has any idea why they want to be on top. The originator of
race is the guardians in our society, who always try to suppress their kids just to maintain their reputation in society.
, in adulthood, people generally opt for high paying jobs without keeping workplace stress in mind.
For instance
, I joined EY considering the package there was high as compared to the
better option,
left that job in 10 months, because I ruined my soul there.
, it is either the societal burden that we carry on our shoulders to impress others or the monetary compensation that forces us to take load plus make our life hell.
On the other hand
issue cannot be resolved completely but can certainly be reduced to a great extent. Coming out of a rat race is the
requirement to stay relaxed;
needs to be taken care of at every stage.
In addition
, every guardian must understand that a healthy kid is better than a depressed rank holder.
, changing the daily schedule along with adding Yoga or meditation in it surely can strengthen our mind to handle anxiety.
, staying hydrated as well as avoiding junk food helps us to reduce the toxic levels in our bodies.
For example
, my cousin was a patient of Alzheimer, which the doctor declared incurable, but got cured when he joined meditation classes of Ramdev for 6 months.
, it is no doubt that everyone is in the shackles of the disease, but can have a better survival by adhering to the above-mentioned suggestions. To conclude, it would be the right thing to say that nowadays pressure is in our veins which can be due to various factors, but a filter is required in our mind to filter out the depression from it to avoid diseases related to it.
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