In some cities people are choosing cars instead of bicycles, while in other cities riding bikes is replacing cars. why is this the case? which development do you think this better?

contemporary era, people's preference over transportation is changing day by day.
As a result
, in some cities, they prefer bicycles to cars. While in other places,
trend is just the opposite. In my opinion, the former way is better than the latter.
essay shall discuss the reasons for
changing trend. On the one hand, the world as a global village is aware of the rising pollution level and the majority are concerned about its impact on the environment.
concern plays a major role when it comes to choosing bicycles
of cars.
For example
, recent studies conducted in the USA has shown an increase in bicycle usage by 10% compared to
change in attitude is mainly seen in developed countries as the majority of the population is literate and can easily acknowledge the future consequences of pollution.
In addition
to the above, nowadays everyone is concerned about their well-being and riding a bicycle is a proven way to improve and maintain physical fitness.
, it gives them a choice to choose between health and comfort .
For instance
, those who choose fitness over convenience is proven to have better health of the heart and even the Canadian president commute to his office using a bicycle. Even though only a few  are properly  following the trend.
On the other hand
, people choose their comfort over health and the environment by prioritising car as a mode of transport.
, the traffic blocks increase along with air and noise pollution.
For example
, the level of carbon monoxide in Delhi is higher than in any other place in India
as a result
of plummed usage of private vehicles.
it provides greater convenience , the damage it does to the environment is immeasurable. To conclude, I reiterate that, it's better to choose a pollution-free mode of transport like bicycles to provide a better tomorrow for the future generation.
can only be achieved through raising constant awareness among the public.
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