ome people believe that children should be banned from using their phones during the school day. Others believe that children should be allowed to use their phones. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

No one can deny that cellphone has become one of the primary needs in human life. Not only adults, nowadays, kids
have their own mobile phones to be used anytime, including at
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school time. There are conflicting opinions
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on whether

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or not children should be allowed to use it during
specific period. In
essay, I will cover both pros and cons of the above-mentioned standpoint.
To begin
with, there are manifold advantages in gadget use for children especially when it comes to their need for communication.
, most of them need to connect with their parents, so that their safety can be assured.
For example
, in my own experience, when I am in the elementary class, my elderly could monitor my locations using the global positioning system included in my phone or simply by calling me to make me tell my current positions.
, by using their phones, they could connect with their friends without any hustle. It will make the flow of
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important information easier to reach them,
as any school-related news.
On the other hand
, there are
downsides to
condition. Most of the downsides come from the distraction that the tool brings from their learning activities.
In addition
, the abundant facilities in that kind of communication
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will cause the kids to give more attention to their gadgets than to their teacher.
For instance
, they will have the opportunity to use the gaming and internet browser applications in the middle of the class.
, will decrease their focus on the classroom. In summary, the usage of smartphones in school days may bring ample positive results for the pupils.
there are some disadvantages to do so, I personally believe that the benefit will still outweigh the negative effects.
, there is a need for parental guidance to make
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in their daily life.
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