Violence in the media promotes violence in society to what extent do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, the number of criminality in our surroundings are soaring high. One of the factors that may be pivotal to
condition is the increasing number of platforms that show brutality explicitly. I am personally in line with the aforementioned sentence.
To begin
with, there are manifold reasons which make me agree that
exposure will cause the same acts implemented in the real world.
, the high number of media promotes violence, causing the rise of opportunities for the children to be exposed to those activities.
For example
, with numerous reality shows that displayed people attacking each other for money, like WWF, kids will normalize those acts in their interaction with each other.
, the more programs promoted violence on digital platforms, the harder it is for the parents to sort them out and prohibit their youngsters from watching them.
condition happens more if both parents work full time and do not have enough time to have a deep discussion with their kids.
On the other hand
, for adults, a substantial amount of watching
type of program will trigger and inspire them to do the same in the outside world.
For instance
, having to watch more criminal news will make some adults feel more empowered to do the same jobs if needed.
In addition
, in the modern technology era, there are a lot of sources and easier access for
type of population to read or watch the detailed savagery procedure.
, it will
increase their possibility to practice it in their surroundings. To conclude, there are numerous reasons which support my opinion that the higher the society broadcasting brutality, the more those kinds of behaviours reflect in real life.
, it is important for the government to limit them and bring more peace to the environment.
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