Some people think the government should take measures regarding the healthy lifestyles of individuals. Others think it must be managed by individuals. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

It is often argued that the government should take responsibility for ensuring healthy lifestyles for its people.
, others consider that
should be done by the person himself. In
essay, I will discuss both points of view and conclude with my own opinion. On the one hand, the government, as an administrative body, can do a lot to improve the
of its citizens.
For instance
, it can enhance
awareness through different educational programs. The more people know about the benefits of a balanced diet, as well as physical activity, the more likely they are to build a healthy future generation.
, the state may build sports facilities,
as fitness
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, swimming pools and more to increase the citizens` motivation to exercise.
On the other hand
, a person is equally responsible for his
. No matter how hard the government tries to promote a healthy lifestyle to the masses, it will not succeed if the citizens do not want to follow it. A good illustration of
is the warnings,
as "Smoking kills" on cigarettes and "Alcohol is harmful to
", which can be seen on television. These messages in most cases do not stop people and do not force them to quit their bad habits.
In addition
, the same thing often happens with textbooks and articles on the Internet that teach how to eat and exercise properly. In conclusion, both arguments have a significant impact on people`s healthy lives in their own way.
, I believe that both the state and the individual are responsible for maintaining the
of the nation.
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