In many countries schools have severe problems with student behavior. What do you think are the causes of this?What solutions can you suggest?

contemporary era , there is an increase in population and technology , which is a greater danger to natural resources . Community believe , as if there is an incline in the cost of petrol , the problem of pollution and traffic will be solved .
I partially agree with
statement , there are other several actions that can be taken to cope up with
situation . To commence with ,
, if there is an incline in the price of petroleum , there will be some decline noticed in the vehicles on the road . To illustrate , even though there are some rich people who can easily afford the oil for their vehicle , poor society will not be able to purchase it so will have to choose an alternate .
On the other hand
, the habit will be developed .
For example
, if the petrol is expensive
in some years the individuals would be friendly with the cost that it will not affect them . Despite the surge in the value of gasoline , the government should have put a heavy tax on vehicles .
For instance
, as nowadays it's very easy or many alternatives are there to buy a vehicle like on instalments , the person will think hundred times before buying any automobile if there is huge taxation on it .
In addition
, the regime should encourage the use of public transport . To illustrate , As if the government improves the public vehicles like buses and trains or give point-to-point reach or time-to-time reach , society will be more attracted towards the way to approach their destination. In conclusion ,
, incline in the price of petroleum may affect the traffic on roads or pollution , improves the use of public transport which is the best way to encounter the situation of traffic and pollution .
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