Some people say that the main aim of advertisements is to improve the sales of products that people do not really need. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, advertisements are ubiquitous.
form of propaganda does serve purposes that are beneficial for businesses, I agree with the idea that the main target of
is to encourage consumers to purchase products they don’t necessarily have to buy. On the one hand, I accept that advertising does play a key role in our modern society. One main function of advertising is that it bridges the gap between
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consumers and manufacturers. Internet,
for example
, can precisely deliver information
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the products to their target customers even across countries. Another key contribution of
is to stimulate economic growth by boosting consumers’ impulse to spend money.
, well-designed and well-performed
can be very entertaining.
, I would agree that the primary mission of advertising is to encourage people to shop for things they don’t really need.
advocate an unhealthy and wasteful lifestyle by persuading consumers to follow the latest version of commodities which are merely fractionally superior to the older one.
, some advertisements focus on selling brands and
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to associate certain brands with a higher social status. Take the fashion industry as an example, deeply influenced by
, many people buy expensive
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only to satisfy their inner vanity.
, some
intentionally exaggerate or mislead the audience by implying dire consequences if their commodities are not used.
For example
, a woman is likely to lose the affection of her husband if she doesn’t use certain cosmetics. In conclusion,
useful in some ways, advertising is mainly carried out to maximize financial profits and to entice people to squander money on dispensable things.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • promote
  • essential
  • basic needs
  • persuasive techniques
  • convince
  • desires
  • influence
  • consumer behavior
  • manipulate
  • emotions
  • unnecessary purchases
  • contribute to
  • consumerism
  • overconsumption
  • informative
  • informed choices
  • genuine needs
  • awareness
  • innovations
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