Some people prefer to buy local products while others product international products. To what extent do you agree or disagree

There are two perceptions in
scenario where a part of society is interested in buying native merchandise rather than overseas.
On the other hand
, another part is inclined towards non-native goods due to multiple reasons.
, In my perspective, both are equally significant based on the circumstances. So either of them is in demand.
To begin
with, local merchandise has a plethora of advantages like low cost and less tax. Since they are manufactured using raw materials that are available over short distances which plays a pivotal role in fixing the price of products as transportation costs are low.
, citizens do buy these articles in order to encourage native markets and provide various job roles indirectly.
, they
provide seamless buying and exchanging experiences. As it makes it easier to get the product replaced in stores nearby in case of damage which is not the case for overseas articles.
, their quality is not up to the standards and life is significantly short.
For instance
, Chinese goods are highly demanded owing to the fact that they are cheap but at the same time, they do not work for more than a year at most.
, though local merch is cheaply available their work is
at the same level.
On the contrary
, overseas articles provide great quality and luxurious appearance
in addition
to their life validity.
, since they are imported from other countries they are extremely expensive but still feel worth it in multiple scenarios.
, international manufacturers put the comfort and experience of customers as their top priority and design products
. To illustrate
, Apple is the leading seller of digital goods
as phones, laptops and tablets. Even though they are too expensive for a common man, but still many countries identify high demand for their merch. Every year the devices made witness a drastic surge in price and quantity. Yet, they still can't put their devices in everyone's hands. All
is because of the fact that they provide the best experience. To sum up, how high let the price be if the customer finds it worth it they would go for it. In conclusion, both domestic and international markets have huge business opportunities due to the fact that individuals have varying conditions under which they buy. Not everyone can afford extravagant things. So they would prefer cheaper ones. It indicates that the same proportion of shares are available for each other.
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