Some people believe that it is good to share as much information as possible in scientific research, business and the academic world. Others believe that some information is too important or too valuable to be shared freely. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

From many years ago, it has been controversial, if is it reasonable to share
of critical fields like science or business without any limit on a vast scale? Because some of them are too valuable to be published freely. like any important matter, we are witnessing two groups who are arguing over
one as well, and both groups have noticeable reasons that are worth hearing. So,
essay will take these arguments under examination, considering the agreement of the writer with those who believe
does not belong to everyone. At
, let us take a closer look at opponents’ reasoning about free access. It is commonly argued that publishing
without any consideration put the whole
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great danger. They say that we are living in the age of
and technology, so everything may change by pressing a single button. It is pointed out, numerous strict borders must be determined when we are aware that a little valuable
in the wrong hands, could be the needed spark for the beginning of the
war. Another factor to consider is governments or institutes have spent enormous money on research or studies that
came from,
it is crystal clear that they do not tend to share them with the rest of the nations at all.
As a result
, keeping knowledge hidden is
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the main
a main

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part of rising the momentum on the development contest that had begun before the cold war.
On the other hand
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as advocators

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of a wide range of access
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, we should put obsolete beliefs away and try to understand the new situation. In another word, they are suggesting a united
that will not be weak by geographical divisions or national prejudice, by the time that all countries accept the necessity of the union. To illustrate, if all doctors have equal access to
medical discoveries worldwide, they are more likely to save more lives compared to a situation that some countries
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that have

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monopoly in medical improvements. In fact, they
have accepted we are living in an age that has been formed based on
and figures but, they have severe disagreement with creating a monopoly with these achievements. To conclude,
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there is a debate over what actions should be taken about
sharing, I firmly believe it is not hard to distinguish the right way from the wrong one, because nowadays
is the most valuable thing in
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the whole

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, and we should try to keep it safe as much as possible in the right hands in
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of keeping universal peace.
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