Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Nowadays, people immigrate to other countries for different purposes
as studying or working and embrace all obstacles, pursuing a better life. In many cases, travellers must learn the
of the country they had travelled to, which is not English most of the time. Despite the usual difficulties that will come with immigration, learning a whole new
will engage people with numerous social problems.
essay had been written considering that the writer believes it can be arduous in many aspects to living abroad. At
, let us take a look at a matter called “cultural differences” and examine the crucial role of the
in it. Basically, all nations in the world had been formed by a combination of components like habits, behaviours, rituals, and
but not least,
. So, what will happen to you as an outsider who is not able to communicate with others by their words? To start, you cannot handle your initial needs like asking about the nearest supermarket or how to get a ticket for the bus.
, more complex issues will come one by one.
For instance
, it is likely impossible for you to communicate with your college friends at a party or have a chat with them about a match that you saw
night; at least not in the way that you wanted to express yourself. And
will make you feel like a total stranger.
As a result
, lack of suitable skills in
exacerbates all crises you have predicted would come.
In addition
, as it has been proved we are all social beings by nature and tend to live with the crowd from the beginning of human history.
, if we cannot make friends or fall in love with anybody, our mind starts to collapse very soon. Proof of
, it can be seen in universities that students who have come from other parts of the world are more to get depressed compared to natives or students with similar speech. To illustrate, while people in Scandinavian countries do not have the same
, they have fewer obstacles in the way of adaptation because they have similarities in words and grammar which make the atmosphere less unfamiliar.
, I believe that learning a
harder and respecting cultural diversity can solve these problems. In conclusion, the foreigner should make more efforts to understand the
to communicate better; The native should accept the diversities of languages, cultures and races, make a contribution to the peace of the big human family
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