Some people say that individuals who make a lot of money are most successful. Others think that those who contribute to society like scientists and teachers are most successful. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Different people have various standards of being successful. Whereas some reckon that earning a handsome amount of money is the most fruitful, others provoke that contributors are more rewarding.
essay inclines to the latter notion and will provide explanations in the following paragraphs.
To begin
with, the predominant reason why people with contribution is more triumphant is that they are beneficial to the world. These noble occupations,
as teachers and scientists, improvise the community, and
, improves citizens' quality of life.
For instance
, the famous Sir Charles Kwan Kao invented the optical
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which accelerates the speed of information flow and
, granted us quick access to the internet.
, giving back to
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society is the most flourishing kind of job.
, some pointed out that millionaires are the most successful because they can make ends meet. Indeed, they do live a prosperous life and may have built a great empire in their field. Yet, these entrepreneurs may have exploited natural resources and
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For example
, it is reported that many factories are only giving minimum wage to employees.
In addition
, they have intimidated the environment while escorting hazardous wastes illegally into the rivers and in the countrysides. It is not moral to make money at the expense of the poor nor nature.
, they are not as successful as those addressed above. To conclude, as global citizens, people are responsible for giving back to the world. Apart from being rich and having a comfortable life, being salutary is one of the most important criteria of being lucrative.
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