You recently spent a night in a hotel and had to put up with a great deal of noise very early in the morning because of a faulty central heating system. The manager promised to contact you regarding compensation but you still haven't heard from him. Write a letter to the hotel. In the letter describe the problem at the hotel explain what the manager had said at the time say what you want the manager to do.

Dear Sir, My name is Sonia M., I stayed for a night at the Hilton Hotel, on August 28th. I am writing to you because I am still waiting to hear from you regarding our compensation after a horrible night at your establishment. As I explained at the time, there was a terrible noise that woke us up and didn't allow us to sleep properly. What is the point of paying for a hotel if you can not rest? You might as well sleep in your car. We came from a long trip and obviously, under those circumstances, I was highly unpleased and disappointed.
, when we were notifying our issue, you seem really stressed with other guests, I am hoping that you didn't forget about us. While I understand you are an extremely busy person, I would have expected you to at least have already contacted us apologising. Unfortunately, if
is not resolved immediately, I will be forced to write a negative review on Google Review and/or other social media platforms. Looking forward to speaking with you soon Best regards, Sonia M.
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