Some people believe that they should keep all the money they have earned and should not pay tax to the state. Do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, the significant quantum of ministry earnings is depending on the individual's royalty expense. In
case, few
Change to a plural noun

The singular countable noun nation follows the quantifier few, which requires a plural noun. Consider using a plural noun or a different quantifier.

show examples
think that they need to keep all the earnings with them
of pay compensation tax. I strongly disagreed with
, if we fail to pay the contribution we are not eligible to expect society welfare from the regime, which
Change the verb form

The plural verb were does not appear to agree with the singular subject the regime. Consider changing the verb form for subject-verb agreement.

show examples
mandatory for all citizens. As well , that would increase the black currency among the public. Mainly, while we avoiding to pay taxes our state funding would be reduced. Due to insufficient ,fund they want to get financial supports from bank sectors as
Change the article

The article a may be incorrect. Consider changing it to agree with the beginning sound of the following word investment.

show examples
investment to fulfil our basic requirements of water, electricity, transport , education and etc.
, that would increase the rate of duty in our day to day requirements and the products.
For instance
, one of the famous newspapers has published our nation mortgage details in recent time. As per that data, each citizen needs to pay 3 lakhs 26 thousand to our ministry to repay the mortgage amount, which the credit took to fulfil our basic requirement as per the record. To pay the tariff in a proper manner only the mitigation for the issue.
, another point is worth to noticed that unpaid contribution amounts would increase the over all-black currency flow in the country. which would make our country financially poor. Because of unpaid cost amount by certain society, each and every products price would be increased which were required for everybody.
, individual royalty would not be increased.
, that black currency will impact the basic lifestyle of
Add an article

The noun phrase middle-class community seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

show examples
middle-class community. To avoid
issue, every individual needs to pay the levy properly. To conclude, few public
Change the verb form

The plural verb think does not appear to agree with the singular subject few public. Consider changing the verb form for subject-verb agreement.

show examples
that they
Add the particle

It appears that the verb keep should be in the to-infinitive form. Consider adding the word to.

show examples
keep all the earnings with them
of pay wage duty that would impact the individuals and entire nation financial wealth.
, I strongly disagreed with
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