You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic. Some teachers think that international student exchange would be beneficial for all teenage school students. Do you think its advantages will outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Few teachers across the globe believe that an international student exchange program would be a good idea and bring many advantages among younger students. I opine that it would definitely bring some benefits, but many disadvantages so careful consideration and solid mentorship would be key. Due to globalization, there has been an increasing trend for graduate and undergraduate students to go to developed regions like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia from developing countries like India, China, Africa and Brazil.
, quality of education, infrastructure and gaining a qualification from well-known foreign universities offer recognition and better career, growth and remuneration opportunities.
, it
provides an opportunity to settle down in developed regions where human skills are very well-acknowledged and provide balanced opportunities in research and development.
, it provides a better opportunity to understand each others' culture, values and develops habits to adjust with everyone.
, it will help to boost the economy of progressing countries.
, I believe that student exchange programs at a tender age can bring a huge change in their mindset and require a lot of adjustment.
, due to cultural differences, a normal thing in one culture can be abnormal behaviour in another culture.
, at a certain age, children are not mature enough to understand what the best for their life and would be distracted easily. They may end up spoiling their study and career due to bad habits and company which can lead them to bully, crime, addictions, depression and suicide.
, to go for
study in a foreign country is a very expensive option for many families due to the currency and economic imbalance so it can be an added pressure. To summarise, I agree with the benefits of an international student exchange program but not during school years but it should be for graduate and postgraduate students when they are mature enough.
, solid mentorship from parents, teachers and a positive atmosphere would be key to the success of
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Support ideas with relevant, specific examples

Examples make your writing easier to understand by illustrating points more effectively.

Examples, if used properly, not only help you get higher marks for ‘Task Response’ but also for ‘Coherence’.

When giving examples it is best to put them after your main idea or topic sentence. They can be used in the middle of supporting sentences or they can be used to start a new sentence. There is no rule for where exactly to give examples in essays, logically they would come after your main idea/topic sentence or just after a supporting sentence.

Linking words for giving examples:

  • for example
  • for instance
  • to illustrate this
  • to give a clear example
  • such as
  • namely
  • to illustrate
  • take, for example

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