Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organization. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantages of being self-employed?

Evidence suggests that these days being self-employed is a more common practice trend that can be seen through individuals rather than working for a factory.
there are a number of compelling reasons behind
, I believe drawbacks cannot be ignored. In
essay, the Cause and negative effects of
issue will be elaborated on in the following paragraphs. Being self-boss is a common standard phenomenon
that is
attributed to a number of causative factors.
of all, it is more likely to lead to much more salary and other job satisfaction like paid holiday, perks or bonuses. Simply put, when someone has their own
, they are bound to divide money through the staff on their own. As a part of the fact, owners would potentially pick up the most noticeable portion of the money.
, those ones who work for themselves are highly likely to be more convenient.
, distance-working and working in their houses could be a proper alternative for them,
of working long hours in the workplace.
, being recruited for an organization and doing repetitive tasks, obeying to do monotonous jobs could restrict or stifle employers’ creativity.
, the negative influence of working for yourself may by no means be negligible.
, when setting a new
, self-recruited individuals can confront the emotional disease. Because building a new
is more likely to put owners under severe pressures and they probably are liable for plenty of tasks, they might well be depressed in the initial years of starting the
, it requires taking a perfect schedule into consideration to meet the needs of future customers. To be more precise, they are obliged to have a plan to estimate the number of customers that they would be accountable for.
For instance
, Mark Zagerberk, who is the Facebook’ owner, estimated
website users in 2008 to have a proper outlook on his job which did it on their own. In conclusion, nowadays workers are inclined to possess their own
, they might face some problems during their ambition to have more money, being more convenient and scaping from monotonous jobs.
, they might experience depression or be confused just due to a shortage of a well-rounded scheme.
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