Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about a person's culture and character from their choice of clothes. Do you agree or disagree?

What people believe about others is a daily topic. A few individuals think that others' character and culture are a clothing reflection. I agree with the statement due to the remarkable differences between some cultures. On the one hand, there are several cultural styles worldwide.
For example
, less globalised countries
as Mexico and Peru uses a wide range of colours to produce clothes. Fabrics production is different in most regions as well.
, people from Mexico would choose cotton clothes and inhabitants from
world countries would prefer leather.
, in some countries like the US, it is more common to purchase fast fashion than in some other places.
In addition
, it is known that women from some regions have to cover their entire bodies.
, there are too many inter-cultural options, as formal clothing and international brands that have been shared between several places.
On the other hand
, in order to feel confident, many individuals select their clothes in accordance with their characters.
For instance
, easy-going people, usually choose comfortable pants and t-shirts. For some tennis is
an option. So, how they behave is reflected by their appearance.
On the contrary
, more serious and stronger minds commonly prefer formal suits or black dresses. The reason is that they want to be noticed in every moment. Yet, it is known that many inhabitants purchase products respecting a budget more than covering self-preferences. To conclude, indeed it is fair to say that many individuals appearance is related to cultural roots and how they behave. But, since it is not a rule,
statement could not be always applicable.
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