Some students choose to study in another country for a time during high school or university. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?

day and age, with the advent of modern society,
have a tendency to go abroad during high school or university.
there is a wide range of great benefits when pupils choose to study in foreign countries,
offers some noticeable drawbacks . The essay below will discuss both advantages and disadvantages On the one hand, attending school in a foreign nation would place a firm foundation for
to develop their future career paths.
, it is likely to create favourable learning environments for pupils to learn. In fact, many top universities in different nations usually employ experts to teach.
could have better academic performances as well as career achievements later. Take Harvard University in the USA as a good example, the principal hire lecturers with high qualifications regarding computer engineering to educate
, studying overseas
help them to broaden their horizons and enrich their knowledge in terms of the history, customs, or culture of a nation. Especially, it
supports them to enhance their language level.
will be likely to gain a competitive edge over other candidates.
On the other hand
, studying abroad
leaves some demerits on
. One evident strength is that they might encounter certain barriers or difficulties when learning in another nation.
In other words
, they usually go through culture shocks and other issues related to accommodation, food or language.
For example
, many
have to come back to their nations since they could not get familiar with habits in the foreign countries.
, the expenses are criminally expensive, it could put an enormous financial burden on their parents and themselves as well. Take my friend as a good illustration, from the time she has gone abroad, her parents couldn't pay the costs and fees for her. So, they went bankrupt. In conclusion, even though there have numerous wonderful advantages which have been brought to
to go abroad ,
exerts some considerable disadvantages on pupils.
As a result
, parents have to take it into consideration before allowing their children to go overseas.
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