You read an article in a magazine recently which might be useful for you and your friend's job. Write a letter to your friend and say -Describe an article and its content, explain why it is good for you, why would it be helpful for your friend?

Dear Sonia, Hope
letter finds you in radiant health and in the best of spirits. I really miss the days we spent in college. It was great that we both worked in renowned companies, but unfortunately, your company is in the North area and mine is in the Southside. I am writing
letter to share with you an
which are published in my office's monthly magazine. The
is about time management and has been written by the CSO of my firm 'Laxmi Enterprises. The
talks about how people use their time effectively between personal and professional life. The
is actually one chapter and in that chapter, there are multifarious sentences and each sentence contains a heap of useful meanings. There are a plethora of topics that may be crucial for us. The
is good for us because we both are doing industrious work and we are somehow forgetting ourselves and our families which are
very prominent for us. The best part I liked
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if we give time to our family and keep them happy, it increases our efficiency at work. I would suggest that go through the topic. Let me know if you are interested
I will send you a magazine. Thanking you, Yours lovingly, Prabh Kaur
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