Some people think that to be successful you need to get in university education whereas others say it is not true Discuss both ideas and give your own opinion

The higher study equips us with valuable skills and real-time experiences. some public believe that academy study is a prerequisite to get successful in life while other's disagree with
notion. In my opinion,
, The importance of high learning cannot revoke in today competitive world but it is not inevitable. On one hand, there is umpteen number of reasons which specify the importance of higher learning.
of all, adolescent learns major subjects in high school which expertise about their fields and they get high goals in their selected career. So, The students who are in higher school pass out become more proficient in their task rather than others.
, there are many international companies that provide a chance to
with them the only educational institution pass out students.
For instance
, In companies like Google, Microsoft placement eligibility is required to graduate in a particular field. Along with that It
gives a real-time experience like practise with expert teachers which made a university degree holder more confident, practical about their career.
, the importance of higher education cannot be denied. On the Flip Side, There are many other successful people who do not have any higher degree but they prove that university study is not obligatory to achieve success.
as, there are successful businessmen like bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, steve jobs who are college dropouts but still successful in their life because of their ability and knowledge along with their determination about their
, even though one doesn't have a degree can be successful in life as industry experience and knowledge about own job is making a difference. In conclusion, We cannot deny the benefits of higher education but one can
be successful by their hard
and knowledge in their
. so there is no compulsion to get a university education.
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