Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Basically, choices of lifestyle is an individual preference. A group of public chooses to do the same stuff and does not prefer to change things,
on the other hand
, a community believes in changes and argues those alterations are required for living. In my opinion, discovering new information would be the best because we can hope for a better future. Let's discuss
topic and I will exhibit reasons to support my preference. Despite results, a category of the public would never want to modify their lifecycle because they have been doing certain things in a designated way.
that servers their expectations and
, makes them satisfied.
For instance
, my grandfather, who was well educated and continuously updated with the latest knowledge, prefered a bicycle for his daily commute. When folks asked him, why he didn'
buy a car? even though he has enough funds to make it happen. Always, his reply was, on every day all need to a cross few bridges and peddle 10km for work which would take 30mins. I'm happy to spend my hours on
travel, I don'
want to reduce my journey time with the use of a car. In
is modern era, everything getting modified frequently and there no certain timeline for that. On every new day have many brand new products in the market and that gives us hope to set a better future.
For instance
, there was a period public can'
travel farther places as they had relied only on walking. So the public restricted their travelling
, couldn'
expand their wisdom
in contrast
now we have plenty of options
as bikes, cars, planes, jets, ships, etc., due to the fact now we have a spaceship in the sky for scientists merely a group of community's persistent determination to bring a range of possibilities in commute,
, we are living a better life than everyone else and our world is unimaginable without these facilities. To conclude, In my opinion, we have to adapt to changes through
we will get the opportunity to look for better things in our life as well as make a bright future for our offspring. The world has been changing since they began so to run along people should change too.
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