One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer and life expectancy is increasing. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

With the development of the medical industry, an increasing number of treatments have been invented to cure more and more diseases.
, the elderly are living longer than the
generations did. It is undeniable that long
can cause some problems. When people grow old, they inevitably feel lonely if they are sick and hospitalized and their
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are unable to be with them due to having a busy work
. In fact, some diseases,
as cancer or dementia, are incurable and they cost a great deal of money on treatment.
In addition
, patients have to undergo the process of treatment if they want to live longer.
As a result
, they may feel pain and hopelessness, which is why some of the aged choose euthanasia rather than suffering from the pain of illnesses.
On the other hand
, the advantages of living longer are apparent. Old adults can have more
experiences with everything,
for example
, they are free to go everywhere can travel and try any new things, like diving or studying a new instrument, when they are retired.
, some individuals who are bored after retiring can do come meaningful work which contributes to society and people can find personal value during working.
, they are justly proud of what they do and feel satisfied. It is noted that the basic premise of these things is a healthy body. In summary, the elderly may suffer from the pain of illness and they
have more
experience if they live longer. I would think only if elderly people are healthy, the benefits of a longer
will outweigh the disadvantages.
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