Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child's development while others think that it is important for children to go to school. Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

Children's education is mandatory whether it's through institutions or at home. Many people think that teaching children at their residency is better for their improvement while opponents argue that kids should attend schools and I'm one of the believers. We will discuss
and review the benefits of both the methods of
, studying at home - children's safety is a huge concern for their parents. Due to that many moms and dads prefer to improve their intelligence by educating them at their place. Through
method, they can monitor their offsprings' activity every day and find out about their area of interest;
develops to create a strong bonding between them.
For instance
, when a child goes to school, mother or father always rely on their teachers' feedback and often, parents are determined to focus on security,
as the play arena, tools, behaviours of other fellows.
, in many cases, staffs' behaviours, rather than knowledge progression of the kid,
makes them insecure.
, studying at school -
the homeschooling system has some notable benefits, even though, it will not assist their offsprings'
study. At a certain point, every child should face the reality of campus life. A child who goes to school at a young age has a number of opportunities to improve their curiosities
interacting with outsiders improve self-confidence .
For example
, If the kids attend the classes regularly,
will allow them to share their knowledge with other students as well as gain updates from others pupils.
In addition
, they will get many opportunities to exhibit their finding in front of the audience.
, they will be prepared for
education with complete confidence. To conclude, in my opinion, kids should attend official classes outside of their residence in order to gain versatile knowledge experience, through
method they will gain confidence, and easily collaborate with class fellows, which will create a bright path .
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