Many students find it hard to pay attention at school. What are the reasons for this? What could be done to solve this problem?

In today’s world, most of the pupils find it difficult to focus on their studies at school.
is a serious issue because it affects the overall performance at their studies & drops their confidence which is very crucial at
developmental stage.
essay will consider the main causes of the attention issues, before proposing two possible solutions. Perhaps the most important cause for the trouble at concentration is the influence of the mobile and its excessive usage. Children are so used to mobile phones, as it has become
nature for them.
As a result
, they easily get distracted, particularly in the live class. Any general adolescent,
for instance
, have WhatsApp, Snapchat, or an Instagram account, which easily deflects him from the main focus of his studies. Another key factor is the burden of the expectations from their parents & society, it actually forces them under excessive pressure, blocking their mind to think normally and easily.
results in anxiety &
losing concentration at school. Fortunately,
, there are two possible solutions to
of all, parents shall engage their small ones in any extracurricular activity which interests them.
would help the child to divert their mind from a mobile phone.
For example
, joining swimming or singing classes can engage the student reducing the mobile usage time, which will provide them physical exercise and helps to relieve stress.
, they shall be practising yoga & other breathing technique, which would help in focusing on their education and make them mentally stable. In conclusion, students’ lack of attention is a serious problem
that is
primarily caused by excessive mobile usage, society expectations, along
Change preposition
show examples
the lack of meditation practice. I recommend that parents can address
issue by involving them in extra-curricular activities, practising yoga and breathing technique.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • concentration
  • attention span
  • distractions
  • technology
  • boredom
  • tiredness
  • engagement
  • learning disabilities
  • teaching techniques
  • classroom size
  • family issues
  • health problems
  • motivational strategies
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