Your local public library wants improvement to their services and facilities .In order to get ideas from the public , they have asked library users to send them suggestions in writing. Write a letter to the librarian.In your letter. . describe what you like about the library . say what you don't like . make suggestions for improvements

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in connection with the notice that was put up on the notice wall in the
. In
notice, you have asked all the users to send their recommendations to improve the services and facilities. I am a regular user of your
who visits it five times a week as it provides a peaceful and relaxing environment for all readers.
, the sitting capacity is
huge which can accommodate more than 1500 users at one go.
, there are a few things which make the whole experience bitter.
For example
, the lighting in some seats does not work properly, especially in the corners.
, sometimes books are misplaced and take time to find them. I would like to give some proposals in
, the light system can be improved so that more readers will use the
, especially in the evening.
In addition
, the
system can be automated so that books won't be misplaced and can be put back in the right place. I hope that you will consider my views and take the necessary actions. Your's faithfully, Gurpreet Kaur
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