Your friend recently moved to the same town where you live. Please write a letter to invite your friend to go to the gym together. In your letter o describe why you go to this gym o say what part of this gym you recommend o explain why you think it is suitable for your friend

Dear Narmada, I'm very happy to know that you are in Sherbrooke now.I'm writing
letter to ask you if you can join me at the
. Currently,I'm going to the Maxi Club ,
is the best
that I discovered in the city, after trying a couple of them.
has numerous equipment with latest technologies, And
they provide well experienced personal trainers. with an affordable price of $120 per year.I find it less expensive with the facilities they have. As I mentioned they assist with the trainers and the price is all included you do not have to pay anything extra for the personal assistance.The greatest part of
would be the weekly sessions about the diet plans and nutrition recommendations that they provide in weekly seminars for all of their customers,
Add a comma

It appears that you are missing a comma after the introductory phrase Additionally. Consider adding a comma.

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it has a swimming pool which you can use in the summers. I strongly believe
will be the best choice for you as well.Because I know you would love to go to the
and be fit.
Add the auxiliary verb

The past participle verb been has been used without an auxiliary verb. Consider adding one or using the past simple instead.

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always been looking for advanced equipment.It has all of them which meets up your requirement.
, we both can go together and stay motivated.As you know I like spending time with you as we were doing in our college
. I'll be waiting for your reply.See you soon. Shobha.
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