Being a celebrity - such as a movie star or professional athlete - brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity has more benefits or drawbacks?

It is debatable whether there are more advantages than disadvantages to being a famous / well-known person. Just like a coin has two sides, there are pros and cons to being a famous personality. First of all, let’s discuss the advantages of being a famous sportsperson or a film star. The most obvious benefit is the fame and love that
get from the
is the second most important aspect, as in a very short time span
earn a lot of
they can spend on a better lifestyle and travel across the world.
, being a celebrity, they get benefits and priorities at certain places.
For example
boarding a plane
will be provided with a VIP entrance which is not available to the general public.
On the other hand
, fame comes with a cost. There are some fans who will stalk these
, jeopardizing their privacy.
, the paparazzi will invade the private moments of
and ruin their social and personal life.
In addition
to that, there is always performance pressure on famous
Correct word choice
show examples
if they fail someone else will take their place.
have to be very careful with the sentiments of
, one mistake can bring harm to their image or their family.
For example
, in the 2014
world cup
Correct your spelling
World Cup
show examples
, the Indian team did not perform well in a cricket match, resulting in a group of
protesting and throwing stones at senior team players’ homes. In conclusion, there are definitely advantages to being a celebrity as they get to influence a lot of
and earn huge amounts of
, there are plenty of disadvantages too as fame can lead to the invasion of privacy and the pressure to be top-notch at all times
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • duality
  • acknowledged
  • accrue
  • endorsements
  • sponsorships
  • influential
  • recognition
  • admiration
  • privileged
  • exclusive
  • luxury
  • privacy invasion
  • paparazzi
  • scrutiny
  • pressure
  • exploitation
  • unscrupulous
  • mental health issues
  • public image
  • perks
  • impact
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