More and more students choose to move to other countries to study their higher education. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh its disadvantages?

Students are increasingly travelling to other nations to commence their university studies. In my opinion, I think that the merits of
trend overshadow the demerits for many reasons that I will
article will
give a logical conclusion. On the one hand, I opine that learners who decided to move to other demographic areas to complete their higher degrees would benefit from their experience for many reasons.
, they might find a higher quality of education at their destination.
, they would learn how to rely on themselves.
For instance
, they have to arrange for their trips, apply for visas, and look for their accommodation all by themselves.
, their self-reliance would be improved drastically.
, their exposure to a different culture or even language would inevitably benefit them and would teach them how to accept others.
, they will gain real-life knowledge based on their experience, which would be valuable to them down the road.
As a result
, their self-confidence is expected to raise. For these reasons, I am in favour of
trend that has been increasing lately.
On the other hand
, those who decided to travel to finish their higher education abroad might encounter some difficulties related to their choice.
is due to the fact that they might experience a health emergency while they are away from their parents or other unexpected situation, which can endanger their life.
For example
, international students are more prone to criminal activities because of their foreign identity. Even though most countries provide extra security for their international students, there would still be some concerns. For
reason, it is commonly thought that there are negative aspects for those who conduct their higher education outside their country. In conclusion, Like everything ,else there are pros and cons for those who want to complete their university courses outside their motherland. I think that the pros of doing so diminish the cons.
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