The system used for rubbish or garbage collection in your local area is not working properly. It is causing problems for you and your neighbours. Write a letter to the local council. In your letter Describe how the rubbish collection system is not working Explain how this is affecting you and your neighbours Suggest what should be done about the problem

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing
letter in connection with the problems that are arising due to the faulty behaviour of the system which is used for rubbish or garbage collection in the Paradise colony. Describing the faulty nature of the system, due to the leakage, the liquid rubbish gets spillover everywhere which creates issues, especially for passengers as it is hard to walk around.
, it leaves the leftovers while collecting the garbage.
As a result
, a huge rubbish got piled up in my neighbourhood. It is deeply concerning me and my neighbours owing to the foul smell, resulting from the liquid spillover.
In addition
, it is dangerous, especially for elders and children to walk because the road has become way more slippery.
, the piled up garbage has become home to insects and flies which will be detrimental in the coming monsoon season. I suggest cleaning the area manually with the help of labourers and pesticides can be sprayed in the area to kill insects and flies. I hope that you would consider my suggestion and take the necessary actions in
regard. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Your's faithfully, Gurpreet Kaur
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