You have just read an article in an international travel magazine which contained some information about your town that is incorrect. Write a letter to the editor of the magazine. In your letter • correct the information in the article • explain why it is important for the magazine to give correct information • suggest what the magazine should do about this situation

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing
letter to bring the incorrect information about my town that I have scrutinised in one of the articles, published in your international travel magazine on 5th-May-2022, to your immediate concern. I would like to correct the information regarding the location of the water-sports club which is located on the outskirts of the city whereas the writer has mentioned it in the centre of the town.
there is one in the centre of the city, it is closed to the public since 2016. I think that it is crucial to update
data at the earliest possible since it will mislead many tourists.
As a result
, they will have a horrible experience visiting the town because it will not just waste their time but money as well. It would be great if you could stop producing
copies of the given article and publish a new one containing the updated location.
, I would
urge checking the facts by inquiring the concerned department prior to publication due to a magazine like yours has a deep influence on the wider community. I hope that you would take the necessary actions in
regard. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Your's faithfully, Gurpreet Kaur
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