In the past shopping was a routine domestic task. Many people nowadays regard it as a hobby. To what extent do you think this is positive trend?

It is true that nowadays visiting malls and purchasing different kinds of tools or clothes is becoming a hobby, while in the past it was just an obligatory household task. Some critics maybe disagree with me, but I totally believe that it is a negative change in people's attitudes.
To begin
with, the
reason why I hold
opinion is that
kind of fun requires plenty of time.
In other words
, doing shopping individual can seek a particular type of product for hours and still be unsuccessful, which a losing a day on its own but there are communities of shopaholics all over the world, participants of which share
interest and can do it on regular basis.
For instance
, the
week the worldwide TV channel Euronews showed an average time for shopping allocated each year by ordinary women in Dubai, the researchers showed
action covered a
of a year for most of the candidates.
In addition
amusement is a way of using resources on unnecessary things. To visit shopping centres and make purchases regularly a person should have a great deal of money. If the person does have a big amount of capital it is unnecessary to spend money on a variety of clothing or tools several times a week.
For example
, most of the shopaholics in my country used to wear one wing or dress only once and do not repeat the same never, which leads people to overestimate themselves among others. In conclusion, shopping is a kind of wasteful attraction for both time and money. In my opinion, people can use these resources in many more beneficial ways, so I fully reject the idea that shopping should become a hobby.
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