maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since computer technology can replace their functions to what extent do you agree or disagree?

contemporary world, due to the advancement of technology seeking wisdom has changed from the traditional books. Some people think that spending money on restoring the information centre will be useless. I personally disagree to a certain extent because of its reputation and originality. In
essay, I will elaborate on both reasons with relevant examples,
I will substantiate my views.
and foremost, the advances in computer science changes everything from the way it is originally used.
In addition
to that, continuous improvement of material available on sites will engage the reader to understand it easier,
significant improvement made on contents with the translation in all languages throughout the world will bring a larger audience from all over the nations.
For example
, the Amazon Kindle is a modern device which is used for reading information replacing books, though it is welcomed by youngsters because of its cost-efficient it is not suitable for laymen.
On the other hand
, I believed that still function of local libraries is vital to the deprived students who cannot afford gadgets to seek knowledge.
, there are some blind people who go to places and read Braille to seek materials
they can get help from the Librarian to search for articles.
For instance
, individuals prefer public media centres to prepare for competitive exams to get more marks.
As a result
, though digital media get more popular among youngsters there are folks still out there to read books in a traditional way. To summarize, there is no doubt online websites have increased largely and their content was updated by professionals but there are some individuals who still do not trust their articles. I personally believed that though digital reading has increased drastically
there are some readers who prefer the information centre.
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