In the future all cars,buses and tracks will be driverless.The only people travelling inside these vehicles will be passengers. Do you think the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh the disadvantage?

In the
generations, we may travel anywhere without drivers. Some people claim that these innovations can comfort our life during travelling , while others argue that there are some drawbacks, like accidents, which can occur. From my point of view, I agree with the latter
that driverless
may bring some problems to our societies. In the following paragraphs, Both views of these statements will be outlined in detail. On the
hand, the development take place of our societies in many issues.
of the significant innovations is driverless
, which are cars without drivers. They are developed by engineers and scientists who would like to support our populations in many issues during commuting to companies or tourist destinations;
for example
, when you feel uncomfortable or drunk after you visit your friend's party, you can ride these cars to drop off at your house.
, in the morning, some investors who still feel sleepy after they discussed with their shareholders
they do not need to drive by themselves.
, It can save several times during travelling to their companies.
On the other hand
, many seniors consider these
a lot;
for instance
, they might believe that these buses cannot analyse accurately all events on the streets. like traffic congestions, so passengers may feel disappointed when the travel time tends to be longer than their expectation.
, our cities still have some troubles of insufficient jobs. If our towns use these
, we will see a number of workers who cannot find some vacant positions to hire.
As a result
, we might see many individuals suffer from unemployment. In conclusion,
can be
of the solutions which may save our time during the day, the disadvantages, which are inadequate jobs and uncontrol consequences on the avenues, should take into account by users.
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