Last month you had an overseas holiday with a friend from your college. They have just sent you some holiday photos together. In your letter: thank them for the holiday and the photos Explain why you didn't write earlier. invite them to come and stay with you

Hi Dave, How's it going, mate? It felt like it just happened yesterday after I got the photos of us you sent me. It was a precious moment which allowed me to get away from the monotony of life. It was very generous of you that you invited and allowed me to stay over at your flat during our vacation. I feel bad recently because I lost touch with you after that trip. Let me justify that, and please don't get me wrong that I took advantage of you during the visit. I got to know about my sister's car accident after I had arrived back. I was dreadful about my sister and running between hospital and home.
, she gets back home now in good form. I wanted to invite you if you could visit back to me
holiday. I am always welcoming to show you all around my country. I would request your parents
if they could spare some time to do it. I am looking forward to hearing positive replies from you. Best wishes, Tun Naung Win
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